The Junior Ranger Program STINAPA Bonaire

Adetailed program overview.

Produced by: Bibi Brongers (intern STINAPA Bonaire), with contributions from Desiree Croes (coordinator Junior Ranger Program STINAPA Bonaire) and Patricia Davis (volunteer Junior Ranger Program STINAPA Bonaire). Program development supported by Desiree Croes, DCNA, Emma Doyle (GCFI), volunteers of the Junior Ranger Program and many others involved in nature education in the Dutch Caribbean who reviewed and provided input to strategic development.

The Junior Ranger Program is an out-of-school nature education program run by STINAPA to help teenagers develop knowledge and understanding of nature and to create teenage role models who develop leadership skills, critical thinking and problem solving. They are educated about nature and the environmental problems on the island of Bonaire. The Junior Ranger Program is a complete package of nature education activities where teenagers come in contact with nature and learn by doing through activities that take place within nature conservation programs on Bonaire. 

Any of Bonaire’s youth between the ages of 13 and 21 can join the Junior Ranger Program. The Junior Rangers are involved for years and they move up in rank every year. The motivator to join the program is that they have the opportunity to become PADI certified scuba divers. In addition, there is a yearly graduation ceremony where new Junior Rangers are brought into the program and everyone else moves up in rank. All are recognized for their achievements over the past year, for the classes they have attended and the certifications they have earned.

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