Island of Curacao FAD programme

The use of FAD can improve the production of artisanal fishers, lowering fuel costs and reducing the time spent loitering at sea looking for fish. The FAD act as a habitat for juvile fishes which otherwise might have perished and probably have some positive influence on fish production. Nevertheless the enhancement role of FAD is of very limited importance. Basically FAD do not "fish" but only agrregate despersed fish making it easier to catch them. As with all fishing methods however there ate certain drawbacks. There are limitations where FAD can be placed. Conflicts can arise between fishers from competition for space around the FAD and in some area's FAD are known to attract large numbers of juvenile fish, thus creating a problem of over-harvesting a part of the population which has not yet reached its reproductive potential.

In Curacao FAD have been in use since 1993. During these years several somewhat different FAD have evolved. In this report you can read about Curacao's FAD programme.

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