Innovative Artificial Reef Structures “IntelliReefs” to Improve Denuded Coral Reefs

Beginning of February 2020, the Ocean Science Team of Reef Life Foundation was on Sint Maarten to assess and research the 14 month performance of the ‘IntelliReefs’ artificial reef substrates which were developed to enhance coral and fish growth; deployed as a premier in St Maarten waters in the end of 2018. The team which collaborates with the Nature Foundation St Maarten was funded by the Waitt Institute, conducted several research and monitoring dives on the ‘coral enhancing’ structures in the Marine Protected Area and on sites around the island. The researchers discovered coral settlement varieties, important coral contributors and highly diverse marine species on the Oceanite substrates. In the coming weeks, samples and monitoring films will be analysed in detail to determine species composition and abundance on these substrates.

Article originally published in BioNews 32

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