Initial Inventory of 3D Cadastre Use Cases in the Caribbean

As argued in many earlier FIG publications, the potential benefits of 3D Cadastre are huge. This is especially true in the Caribbean setting with quite dense urban areas and large and important marine areas, where rights (restrictions and responsibilities; RRRs) in 3D is a prerequisite for the blue economy. The Caribbean with a plethora of 3D use cases present, limited legacy data and systems, and a relative small size, is an excellent site for establishing an integrated 2D/3D Cadastral registration. Such a future system will support sustainable development of the Caribbean in the economic sense, while protecting the environmental values and human values (based on legislation and tools to support this).
This paper will present an initial inventory of 11 different relevant 3D Cadastre use cases in the Caribbean (from Aruba, Bonaire and Trinidad&Tobago). This initial inventory gives an indication of the multi-disciplinary nature and importance of the topic, but will also be used for scoping the future development.

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