Hydroids associated with the coral reef fauna of St. Eustatius

The hydroids of the Caribbean Sea have been the subject of a restricted number of taxonomical studies. So far, sporadic, taxonomical and/or ecological studies, have been undertaken locally in various countries bordering the coasts of the Caribbean basin, such as Colombia, Panama, Belize, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. To date, there is no information available on the hydroid fauna of St. Eustatius (Dutch Caribbean), which lies in the eastern part of the Caribbean basin. In particular, there is little information about hydroids associated with other benthic invertebrates, such as sponges, bryozoans and octocorals, and no record yet of hydroids living in association with Caribbean scleractinian reef- building corals. 


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MARINE BIODIVERSITY SURVEY OF ST. EUSTATIUS, DUTCH CARIBBEAN 2015 by Naturalis Biodiversity Center and the Netherlands ANEMOON Foundation

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