Handbook Professional Vegetable Cultivation Bonaire

Arie Boers has produced vegetables and herbs for supermarkets and restaurants on Bonaire. His three years of experience is written down in this handbook. This is the first handbook about the production of vegetables Bonaire for the market. It is meant for the (semi) professional grower. The handbook is structured as follows: First it describes which conditions are important to be able to succeed on growing vegetables in Bonaire. Then it discusses what is needed to create, moisturize and fertilize as healthy a soil as possible. Following are the most common diseases and pests described, followed by preventive measures against this. It also describes what the experiences are in terms of labor, packaging, specific cultivation costs and important suppliers. Finally, conclusions are drawn and recommendations are given on what is important to set up a commercial agricultural sector on Bonaire. Agriculture, horticulture.

See film on YouTube: https://youtu.be/fSWwcJ8M58c

Available languages: Dutch, English


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