Genetic Analysis Finds Link in Coral Diseases

New research links two known coral diseases, skeletal eroding band and Caribbean ciliate infection, to a single originating pathogen. Studying the physical symptoms along with their genetic makeup, researchers were able to compare the disease-causing pathogens. Understanding these pathogens will prove instrumental in designing mitigation strategies to protect the remaining corals worldwide.


Article originally published in BioNews 33

For More Information: Montano, S., Maggioni, D., Liguori, G., Arrigoni, R., Berumen, M.L., Seveso, D., Galli, P., Hoeksema, B.W. (2020) Morpho-molecular traits of IndoPacific and Caribbean Halofolliculina ciliate infections. Coral Reefs 39 (2): 375–386. 

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