Gastrointestinal Helminths of Ruthven's Anole, Anolis bonairensis (Squamata: Dactyloidae), from Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles


Twenty-three dactyloid anoles (Ruthven's anole, Anolis bonairensis) from Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, were examined for gastrointestinal helminths. Four species of Nematoda were found: Parapharyngodon cubensis, Oswal-docruzia lenteixeirai, Spauligodon bonairensis, and Acuariidae gen. sp. (larva in cyst). Acuariidae gen. sp. had the largest number of individuals (63) and the highest prevalence (39.1%). Anolis bonairensis represents a new host record for each helminth. Anolis bonairensis is parasitized by generalist helminths that also infect other lizards.

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