Field observations on some Curaçao landsnails, and new records for its fauna.

Currently 31 species of terrestrial snails are known from Curaçao, 28 of these are indigenous. The taxonomy of Curaçao land snails has been studied quite well. An inventory of species and subspecies exists. About their ecology however much less is known. The influence of salt spray from the sea on the distribution of some species is discussed. By observing snails in the field some conclusions about their ecology have been reached; these and some further assumptions are hereby presented. Three of the larger species of indigenous snails are discussed. These are Cerion uva, Drymaeus elongatus and Tudora megacheilos. The introduced snails Bulimulus guadalupensis, Zachrysia provisoria and Achatina fulica (= Lissachatina fulica) are briefly mentioned; the latter two are new records for Curaçao.

Key words : Cerion uva, Drymaeus elongatus, Tudora, Bulimulus guadalupensis, Achatina fulica, Zachrysia, salt spray, wax compounds.

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