Field guide to the marine life of St. Eustatius

This guide is intended to give an overview of the diversity of the marine life of St. Eustatus. But to show and describe all the species living in the waters around Statiaa is impossible; in 2016, the known total was already over a thousand, and many more species remain to be observed and recorded. It is even likely that there are several species left to be discovered which are as yet unknown to science.

In this guide we have listed many of the island’s common and characteristic marine animals and plants. To showcase the uniqueness of the marine life of the island, we have included some species that are found nowhere else, or are found only in this part of the Lesser Antilles. In addition, some species are included which are easily found around St. Eusta us, but which are rarely seen elsewhere in the West Indies.

Together these beautiful and strange creatures illustrate the surprising diversity of Statia’s surrounding waters, hidden treasures that await anyone who wishes to search for them.

We hope this field guide will encouraged you to explore the amazing marine life of St. Eusta us. 

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