Extrapolated Reef Health Index parameters of Bonaire reefs

Extrapolated zones of the point-based Bonaire coral inventory by de Froe et al. (2017)

Original point data was captured at a 500 meter interval at 5 meter depth (shallow) and at 10 meter depth (deep). This GIS polygon layer contains:

  • percentage of sand
  • percentage of cyano bacteria
  • number of fish species observed
  • weight of carniverous fish
  • weight of herbivorous fish
  • weight of omnivorous fish
  • rugosity
  • coral height
  • percentage of living coral cover
  • number of coral species
  • reef builders
  • rogosity
  • Reef Health Index value 
  • Reef Health Index name (interpretation from the value) 
  • percentage of turf and macro algae

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