Exploring the diversity of western Atlantic Bathygobius (Teleostei: Gobiidae) with cytochrome c oxidase-I, with descriptions of two new species

Bathygobius is currently represented by three species in the western Atlantic (B. soporator, B. curacao and B. mystacium) based on diagnostic morphological features. Our combined genetic and morphological analyses indicate that there are at least six species of Bathygobius comprising eight genetic lineages in the western Atlantic. Two lineages are identified as B. curacao and B. mystacium. Four lineages possess char- acters that would previously have led to their identification as B. soporator. Two of those are morphologically indistin- guishable and are recognized here tentatively as a single species, B. soporator. A third “B. soporator” lineage is dis- tinct, and Gobius lacertus is resurrected here as Bathygobius lacertus for that lineage. The fourth “B. soporator” lineage is also distinct and is described as a new species. Two other closely related genetic lineages are morphologically indis- tinguishable and are treated as a single new species. Redescriptions of B. soporator, B. mystacium and B. curacao are provided. Comments are made on the identification of larval Bathygobius from Belize. 

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