Erosion around Kralendijk, Bonaire

Student Report

On Bonaire, special municipality of the Netherlands, there is a big problem with erosion. In and around the capital Kralendijk, most areas have sparse vegetation and/or are paved. Intense rainfall events (such as those occurring on Bonaire) can loosen the soil material, after which it is transported away towards the ocean by (rain)water flowing over the surface (Koster, 2013). Not only causes this a loss of fertile soil, it also has consequences for aquatic life and plants along the coast, such as the coral reefs of Bonaire and the species which depend on them (Bak et al, 2005). 

An erosion (hotspot) map could be a start to determine why, where and how action could be taken to reduce erosion and gives input for the type of measure that may be suited for such an area. 

Using the model of Borselli, an hotspot map reckoning factors such as hydrologic and soil properties, land use, landcover and connectivity is created. Critical erosion areas (including urban/paved areas) are now imaged and measures can be undertaken or improved to enhance erosion management.

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