Endangered Dutch Iguana species put on the map

With the accession of the islands of Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius as special municipalities of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the list of ‘Dutch’ reptiles and amphibians has broadened. Of particular interest is the endemic Lesser Antillean Iguana which is native to St. Eustatius. Unfortunately, a range of factors has put the population of this iguana in danger of disappearing from the island. Despite estimates from the past, it remains unclear how small and viable the population is. Monitoring the population of the Lesser Antillean Iguana on St. Eustatius is therefore of the utmost importance. For the first time, the actual size of the population will be mapped and long-term monitoring has been added to the island’s conservation agenda. 


This news article was published in BioNews 23.

BioNews is produced by the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance and funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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