Ecological rehabilitation of Lac Bonaire by wise management of water and sediments

This report gives an overview of the most prominent problems currently encountered at the Lac bay area. To change the currently negative situation at the Awa di Lodo area with dying mangrove and unfavorable conditions for fish, it is recommended to improve water circulation at the Awa di Lodo area. This will lead to a better water quality and especially to a lower salt concentration. Based on this analyses, recommendations are made for five specific management actions which individually or in combination could be part of a management plan for the ecological rehabilitation of Lac Bonaire.

Management actions are conducted both from the land and sea side, they are short or long term and they can be summarized as follows:

  • To clear the upstream (north) section at the labado from sediments in order to restore its function as sediment trap.
  • To clear the east and west side feeder channels from sediment and mangrove in order to improve water circulation in the Awa di Lodo area.
  • To construct a new central feeder channel following an existing creek pattern to improve water circulation in the Awa di Lodo area. Whether or not this new feeder channel is going to be constructed, will depend on monitoring results of changes in salt concentration in the Awa di Lodo after the existing feeder channels have been cleaned.
  • To start a discussion with livestock owners in the greater catchment area on how over-grazing by roaming livestock can be stopped while at the same time these owners can make a living from their business.
  • To remove Rhizophora established propagules at the sea side in order to slow down mangrove occupation of the bay area.

Each operation can be separately budgeted and they can be phased in time. 

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