Dutch Caribbean Climate Action Plan


Caribbean islands are at the forefront of the climate crisis, with effects already starting to become noticeable in the region. Experts have warned, including in the recently released IPCC Sixth Assessment Report, that we have just ten years left to avert the worst climate impacts but that this will require decisive action, both in terms of adaptation and mitigation strategies. The Dutch Caribbean islands are particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts. People’s lives and livelihoods as well as most economic activities are located near coastal areas while the region’s unique nature is already under pressure from human impacts. This is compounded by the fact that, due to the island’s small geographic area and limited human capacity, the resilience to recover from disastrous events is low. As stewards of nature in the Dutch Caribbean the parks united in the DCNA see first hand how the changing climate is already affecting the islands.


Also available in Dutch: https://www.dcbd.nl/document/klimaat-actieplan-voor-het-nederlands-carib...


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