Designing hard interventions for Lagun bay catchment to reduce sediment inflow

BSc International Land and Water Management Wageningen University

WU Supervisor: Klaas Metselaar
Host supervisor: Sabine Engel

Mangrove forest systems and coral reefs are vital ecosystems with ecological, economic, and societal importance. However, they face threats such as excessive sediment inflow from human activities, endangering their health and resilience. This report explores sediment-related issues in the Lagun Bay catchment area on Bonaire and proposes dams as sediment control measures. Potential soil erosion was assessed and dams were designed to reduce sediment transport effectively. However, maintenance is essential for dam functionality. Though not definitive, these dam designs offer potential solutions. Sustainable land and coastal management, coupled with improved data and regular maintenance, can protect these valuable ecosystems and preserve biodiversity. Further research is needed to enhance data quality and expand the study area.

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