DCNA GIS User Manual

The goal of this user manual is to enable park managers to efficiently and accurately work with the GIS data recently collated as part of the DCNA Geographical Data Development Project.

The software used to work with the GIS data in this manual is ArcGIS10. A training manual also exists for working with Google Earth: Workbook_Google_EarthMaps_Training.pdf.

The manual is structured as follows:

  • Chapter 1 and Appendix 1: An introduction to the DCNA Geographical Data Development project and overview of

    DCNA data layers, their properties and notes on application

  • Chapter 2 and Appendix 2: An introduction to key GIS concepts, tools and resources
  • Chapter 3: Guidelines to using DCNA geographical data layers
  • Chapter 4: Guidelines to editing and modifying DCNA geographical data layers
  • Chapter 5: Guidelines to creating new geographical data layers in DCNA style and format

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