Coral Health Chart

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About CoralWatch

CoralWatch, based at The University of Queensland, Australia, is a well-established citizen science program founded in 2002. 

CoralWatch integrates global coral health monitoring with education and public outreach creating reef awareness using simple and engaging tools. This provides people with accessible information about coral reefs and climate change, and hands-on experience collecting scientific data on coral bleaching using the Coral Health Chart. The chart is an easy-to-use tool to quantify changes in coral colour associated with coral bleaching on the reef. It is so simple, no prior training is needed and anyone can get involved. The chart is used in the field and classroom, is available in 12 languages and data on >230.000 corals from >1910 reefs in 79 countries is publicly accessible. 

CoralWatch also provides regular workshops for communities, teachers and students, and has developed a range of high quality educational materials such as books, dvd, curriculum linked lesson plans. Many of these are freely available. 

Aims and Objectives

CoralWatch aims to create public understanding of the value of reefs and provides opportunities to actively help save the reef through participation in scientific research and education.

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