Coral growth on antrhopogenic vs. natural substrates in Bonaire

Specific anthropogenic substrates demonstrate the ability to aid new coral growth among Caribbean reefs in Bonaire, N.A. In this study I documented the total percent coral cover on tires, concrete, and metal objects then compared it to nearby natural reef. I also documented the percent cover for individual coral species. Natural substrates exhibited the highest percent total coral cover (mean = 64.5 %), followed by concrete (mean = 21.5 %) and metal (mean = 22.9 %); tires supported the lowest mean coral cover (mean = 3.5 %). Coral species diversity was highest on metal substrates (11 spp.), followed by concrete (9 spp.), natural reef (8 spp.) and tires (2 spp.). These data suggest that concrete may be the most appropriate artificial substrate in efforts to aid reef regeneration and restoration in this region.

This student research was retrieved from Physis: Journal of Marine Science I (Fall 2006)19: 2-6 from CIEE Bonaire.

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