The complete mitochondrial genome of Costapex baldwinae (Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Turbinelloidea: Costellariidae) from the Caribbean Deep-Sea

We report the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of Costapex baldwinae, a Caribbean representative of a predominantly Indo-Pacific genus of gastropods that occurs on sunken wood at bathyal depths. The mitogenome is 15,321 bp in length and has a base composition of 29.2% A, 41.8% T, 12.0% C and 17.0% G. It contains 13 protein-coding, two ribosomal RNA, and 22 tRNA genes with the same gene order and strand orientation as other non-toxoglossan neogastropods. Phylogenetic analyses indicate that the superfamily Turbinelloidea, represented by this species, diverged early within the Neogastropod radiation, forming the sister group to a clade that includes five of the seven presently recognized superfamilies.

KEYWORDS Mitogenome; Caribbean Sea; Bathyal depth; sunken wood; phylogenetics

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