Bonaire World Heritage Nomination Project

The Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP) has received a number of international recognitions due to the outstanding biodiversity that it protects and its innovative management of resources. The marine park includes all the waters surrounding Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, from the high-tide mark to 60 meters of depth, and encompasses Lac Bay and Lagun and the uninhabited island of Klein Bonaire. Both Lac Bay and Klein Bonaire have been designated as RAMSAR sites (Ramsar sites no. 199 and 201) and are therefore internationally recognized as uniquely valuable wetlands and benefit from special protection. The BNMP was selected as a UNEP/ICRAN Demonstration site by the United Nations Environment Programme and the International Coral Reef Action Network due to its pioneering work on sustainable financing and private sector participation by hoteliers and dive operators. Additionally, the coral reefs of the marine park are included in the United Nations Environment Programme’s list of coral reefs of international significance. And now, the Island Territory of Bonaire, with the assistance of the consulting firm Wolfs Company, is investing whether a submission of the BNMP as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is feasible.


This news-item was published in BioNews 7-2017

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