Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean: A Comparative Analysis of Policy Instruments and Implementation Methods for Reduction in Single- Use Plastic Bag Consumption

Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean is recognized as one of the best diving places in the world because it has one of the healthiest and most resilient coral reef systems in the Caribbean. However, single-use plastic bags (SUPBs) threaten the island’s marine life, society, and tourism, which is the economy’s main source of income. To determine the best strategy on how to reduce SUPB consumption on Bonaire, this study completed a comparative analysis of policy instruments and implementation strategies of three regions that currently ban. The analysis revealed that gradually changing attitudes and behaviors towards SUPB consumption using a combination of top-down and bottom-up strategies is the best approach to decrease usage. Providing information, stimulating education, and putting laws into place is the way Bonaire’s local government in collaboration with environmental organizations will move Bonaire forward in reducing SUPB consumption, keeping Bonaire’s reef systems healthy and its economy thriving. 

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