BioNews special: Climate Change

Conditions all around the world are changing due to climate change. These changes can be felt throughout all environments, from changing water conditions affecting coral reefs to intensifying storms and droughts threatening terrestrial forests. Immediate and meaningful action is required if these environments are to be protected. Together, through local and international corporation, we can work to buffer these areas, giving the environment time and space to adapt to these changing conditions.

This special edition BioNews will address issues related to climate change in the Dutch Caribbean and identify what governing documents are currently in place to support future conservation measures. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has focused their attention on addressing areas within the following four areas: (1) freshwater resources, (2) terrestrial environments, (3) coastal erosion and marine ecosystems and (4) food production and livelihood. This document will walk through each of these four environments, as they relate to the Dutch Caribbean, and highlight the biggest threats these islands will be facing in the upcoming years.


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