Bionews Diadema Special Edition: How you can help


Help Protect Sea urchins

Help us track sea urchin health in the Caribbean by adding your observations of healthy, sick or dead urchins. These reports will allow us to determine the causes and work on restoration approaches. You can report your sightings by visiting the AGRRA website (

The causative agent of the urchin deaths is not known but may be water-borne and may spread through contact. Pathogens can survive on snorkel/dive gear. To potentially help reduce the spread of pathogens, snorkelers and divers can:

– Have good buoyancy and don’t touch any urchins or other reef life.

– Rent gear locally.

– Decontaminate dive gear after each dive.

– Dive on clean sites before (known) infected sites

All divers should use caution to not further spread this potential disease. Never touch any healthy, sick or dead sea urchins, as you could be spreading the disease. Be mindful and careful about your gear and fins, in order to avoid any touching or stirring up sediment.

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