Attenuiconus marileeae, a new species of cone (Gastropoda: Conidae: Puncticulinae) from Curacao

Attenuiconus marileeae new species is described from deep reefs off southeastern Curac ̧ao. It resembles A. attenuatus, A. honkeri, and A. aureonimbosus in size and general proportion of the shell, but is readily distinguished on the basis of its distinc- tive color pattern, which consists of a vivid orange-red base color with three bands of irregular, white flammules. Attenuiconus marileeae was collected at substantially greater depths than any of its Caribbean congeners. Only A. aureonimbosus, from the northeastern Gulf of Mexico, inhabits comparable depths. Like all species of Attenuiconus, nearly all specimens A. marileeae have one or more major repaired breaks indicative of unsuccess- ful attacks by crustaceans. 


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