Aruba Birdlife Conservation, Checklist version 2, ABC Birds of Aruba September 5, 2016-254 species

A bird checklist is a snapshot in time. A checklist becomes outdated the moment a new species is registered. This checklist is based on seven sources that were cross checked. The oldest work used in this research dates back to 1983 and is from Professor Voous who presented 179 species of birds for Aruba back then. Of course, the number of species in subsequent lists increases with time. We also found that some authors had one or more observations than others did. Cross checking the sources has been a valuable instrument in the analysis process. From 2010 to date, 18 new observations for Aruba have been made. These have been added to the checklist, rendering the number of species observed at this time in Aruba at 254 species. 

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