An archaeological assessment of Steward plantation, St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands

In November 2011, the St. Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research was asked to conduct an archaeological assessment of Steward plantation. The reason for this assessment to be carried out was the proposed construction of a correctional facility at this location that will serve both Statia and Saba.
The research area is located on the eastern slope of the Quill volcano, and houses several known archaeological remains. These were mapped and documented by archaeologist Jay Haviser in 1981. Furthermore, there was a high potential for the presence of additional archaeological sites. The construction of the proposed facility will have a direct impact on various archaeological sites.
This report comprises a historical introduction to the island in general and a detailed cartographic study of Steward plantation in addition to an in-depth assessment of the archaeological remains found on the surface in the research area and their place within the wider plantation landscape. It further contains recommendations for future research and preservation of the archaeological remains encountered.

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