Agricultural fields (Kunuku) Bonaire

Agricultural fields of Bonaire based on visual interpretation of satelite imagery of 2019 and 2003 using Google Earth. Fields have been interpreted as being 'in use' when borders could be distinguished between field and neighbouring area and that fields were barren in contrast to the borders and/or neighbouring area. Mind: This data is not (yet) validated with field observations or expert judgement.

The following classes are used:

  • [red] Fields that are in agricultural use in 2003, but no longer in 2019 (presumably abandoned, or given a new function like urbanization)
  • [yellow] Fields that are both in agricultural use in 2003 and in 2019 
  • [grey] Fields that still have recognizable borders in 2003, but don't seem to be used in 2003. Probably abandoned before 2003. This class has only been digitized for the Rincon area

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