71st annual conference of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI) Book of abstracts



  • Kyne, Fabian The role of tourism in protecting Jamaica’s fish stock
  • Martijn, Leonel Staying in the forefront of coral reef conservation amidst growing and changing tourism
  • Moreno, Patricia Mass tourism impacts on marine ecosystems and protected areas in the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve
  • Boucek, Ross Exploding tourism and sustainable fisheries: lessons learned from the South Florida flats fishery
  • Adams, Aaron A multi-methods approach is essential for effective management & conservation of the ecotourism-based recreational flats fishery
  • Barbeito Morandeira, Paula Identity of origin as a strategy of management & sustainability in the Caribbean: the case of the black crab & the spiny lobster Contreras, Andrea Ecotourism as a life strategy, conservation and generation
  • of strategic alliances for the communities of the Ciénaga Grande, Santa Marta
  • González Gamboa, Isabella In the variety is the pleasure: more diversity of morpho-functional coral groups in the reef, more snappers, more tourism.
  • Márquez Pérez, Ana Isabel Impacts of tourism on fishing communities’ social appropriation of marine and coastal ecosystems: two case studies in the Colombian Caribbean
  • Montoya-Maya, Phanor Meaningful Diving: An initiative to improve the role of dive tourism in in the effective conservation of coral reef fisheries and ecosystems in the Caribbean


  • Wade, Eric Does experience matter? Assessing the diversity of mental models associated with Belize’s Managed Access Fisheries Policy
  • León-Pérez Mariana C. Initial steps of an adaptive management exercise to strengthen Puerto Rico’s Coral Reef Monitoring Program
  • Asraf, Radjes Establishment of fisherfolk organizations in Suriname
  • Andrews, Melanie Engaging civil society in the implementation of the Strategic Action Programme for the Sustainable Management of the Shared Living Marine Resources of the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems
  • Altamar, Jairo Local ecological knowledge and its usefulness for the management of an ancestral artisanal fishery in the Colombian Caribbean
  • Montes de Soto, Nancy Applying social science theories in fisheries research: The case of FADs in the Caribbean region
  • Reid, Terisa A A preliminary socioeconomic profile on fishermen in Trinidad
  • Garcia-Valencia, Carolina Towards the management of seagrass in Colombia: La Guajira meadows
  • Ochoa, Mariela Appraisal of the perceptions of artisanal fishermen and government on the benefits offered by the new general registration system for fishermen in Honduras
  • Sidman, Charles A regional approach to facilitate co-management of FAD fisheries in the Caribbean
  • Galvis Navarro, Dalmo Estimation of socioeconomic impacts & economic viability associated with recreational fishing in the Colombian Caribbean.


  • Heyman, Will Introduction to Fisheries for Fishers (F4F) initiative, and the 2018 Gladding Memorial Award (GMA)
  • Perry, Ruth Supporting the Fisheries for Fishers Initiative
  • Kinch, Anderson Fisherman’s perspective on managing fisheries for sustainability
  • Maldonado, Andres Championing conservation of Nassau grouper in Puerto Rico
  • Mendez, Angelica Women as active stakeholders in Guatemala’s coastal fisheries
  • DeMaria, Donald Fishers and managers can cooperate to manage data-poor fisheries: A fisher’s perspective on the marine life fishery in Florida
  • McConney, Patrick Discussion of fisheries sustainability with the GMA winners
  • Russell, Martin Presentation of the 2018 Gladding Memorial Award


  • Precht, William Cooperative natural resource damage assessment leads to successful restoration of injured coral resources
  • Garcia Ureña, Rocio Current status of Acropora populations in the Colombian Caribbean
  • Beck, Brian NOAA’s Coral Reef Conservation Program: Establishing an emphasis on coral restoration
  • Vallès, Henri Spatio-temporal variability in the benthic composition of the coral reefs of Barbados between 1997 and 2012
  • Irazabal, Iker Impacts of coastal developement on the resilience of coral reefs: Twenty years of monitoring from the Dominican Republic
  • Henderson, Alexander Photoquadrat and linear point-intercept methods for assessing benthic cover should not be used interchangeably in long-term coral reef survey programmes
  • Galvis, Nohora Ten years of monitoring artisanal fisheries in relation to climate change, lionfish & industrial fishing in Capurganá-Cabo Tiburón
  •  Carne, Lisa Reef resilience and assisted evolution: what do these terms mean for Belize, and what role do coral restoration efforts play? A review of the 2017 bleaching event with this in mind, and with historical context
  • Giro, Ana Management Effectiveness in the Mesoamerican Reef: Letting fish tell their own story
  • Serrano Jerez, María de los Ángeles Environmental education for better knowledge management of coral reefs and climate change: Reflections from the National Aquarium of Cuba
  • Edwards, Peter Integrating biological, physical and social coral reef monitoring data: challenges and solutions
  • Kimball, Justine U.S. Coral Reef Areas to Inform Conservation and Management
  • Koss, Jennifer NOAA’s New Coral Reef Conservation Strategic Plan: Reducing threats locally – recovering species globally
  • Martinelli, Maurizio Florida’s ongoing coral disease outbreak: Current research, status, and management response

MARINE PROTECTED AREAS (MPAS) SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT (Sponsored by OSPAR ComMission Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development (IACD)UNEP-CEP-SPAW/CaMPAM GCFI).

  • Jupp, Lashanti Marine protected areas providing a sustainable economy for the Bahamas
  • Gerhartz-Muro, Jose Luis An evaluation of the framework for national marine environmental policies in Cuba
  • Greaux, Sébastien A common initiative for sharks and rays at St Barts: the first step for French West Indies?
  • Doyle, Emma Fisheries management capacity and Caribbean MPAs – responding to needs of the MPAConnect network
  • López, Victoria Mateo Ecologic integrity and biodiversity of reef ecosystems in oceanic islands of Colombia in the Caribbean: Serranilla Cay
  • de Leon, Ramon Introducing reef support: an online marine park user fee payment system
  • Lohmann, Hilary A review of Caribbean Socio-economic Monitoring (SocMon) with recommendations for increasing influence in decision-making
  • Camejo, José Characterization of the mangrove in the Guanahacabibes National Park to evaluate its contribution to connectivity and to mitigate the effects of climate change


  • Kinch, Anderson Fishers’ observations of climate change impacts on the flyingfish fishery in Barbados
  • Meiners-Mandujano, Cesar Preliminary evidence of climate variability impact on the octopus fishery in the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico
  • Eckrich, Caren Local conservation measures paving a prudent path for Bonaire's corals in a changing climate
  • Singh, Joth The CBF’s ecosystem based adaptation facility: building resilience and reducing risk for Caribbean people to climate change through natural resources management and ecosystem services..


  • Jepson, Michael Hurricane Harvey damage assessment: Provisional results for the Texas commercial and for-hire fisheries and associated businesses
  • Callwood, Teresa Improving small island resilience and self-sufficiency in habitat monitoring and management
  • Mallalieu, Kim Integration of telecommunications in Caribbean fisheries management: a resilience imperative
  • McPherson, Matthew Hurricane Irma damage assessment: provisional results for the Florida commercial & for-hire fisheries & associated businesses
  • Fernando, Melendez Vazquez Effects of Hurricane Maria on hamlet communities (Hypoplectrus spp., Serranidae) in the La Parguera Natural Reserve at Puerto Rico
  • Monnereau, Iris Hurricane preparedness and post-disaster needs of the fisheries sector in the Eastern Caribbean under the CC4FISH project
  • Sabine, Alexis An assessment of damages to the U.S. Virgin Islands fishing industry following Hurricanes Irma and Maria


  • Brownscombe, Jacob Acoustic telemetry and stable isotopes inform connectivity between habitats and fisheries to influence management
  • Lucena, Marcos B. Parrotfishes sleeping sites
  • Everett, Aminda Red snapper movement patterns based on acoustic positioning around oil and gas platforms in the northern Gulf of Mexico
  • Minster, Océane Hogfish otolith shape analysis according to its ontogenic stages, size and collection areas
  • Pedraza Marrón, Carmen del Rocio Genomics to the rescue: when mitochondrial DNA and morphology conflict on the species delimitation of two red snappers
  • Flower, Jason Traps with gaps: testing fish traps with escape gaps as an option to improve the sustainability of the reef fishery in Montserrat
  • Rincon-Sandoval, Luis Factors influencing catchability on longline fisheries: The case of Red Grouper (Epinephelus morio), Yucatan Mexico
  • Santos-Martínez, Adriana Evaluation of artisanal fishing (years 2004 to 2017) and proposals for sustainable management, southern area of the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve - Colombian Caribbean
  • Castaño, Diana Use and administration of resources in the Seaflower biosphere reserve, Archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina, snappers exploratory fishing in the southern keys
  • Tewfik, Alexander A SMARTer approach to collection of catch data for conservation and sustainability.


  • León Rincón, Aicardo Hermann Submarine geomorphology of the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina (Western Caribbean) and the correlation with the potential distribution of fisheries
  • Campbell, Matthew Evaluation of two habitat complexity metrics and their relationship with fish abundance and diversity.
  • Demer, David The Combined Optical-Acoustic Survey Technique (COAST) for estimating the abundances and distributions of reef fishes, and mapping their seabed habitats
  • Bolser, Derek Spatio-temporal variation in fish density and distribution within a Gulf of Mexico shipping channel
  • Egerton, Jack Hydroacoustics for the discovery and quantification of Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus) spawning aggregations
  • Mayorga Martínez, Melisa Characterization of mesophotic coral ecosystems through the use of a multibeam sonar and a remotely operated vehicle
  • Margolis, Sarah Accessibility of big data imagery for next generation computer vision applications
  • Michaels, William Building scientific capacity with integrated technologies for the next generation marine ecosystem surveys


  • Schärer-Umpierre, Michelle Fish communications and associated behaviors: additions to the acoustic repertoire of groupers that aggregate to spawn
  • Appeldoorn, Eric Temporal patterns among multiple courtship associated sounds in the red hind Epinephelus guttatus indicate two spawning aggregations during a single lunar cycle
  • Erisman, Brad Relationships between spawning behavior and life history traits in Gulf of Mexico fishes: Implications for vulnerability assessments
  • Cherubin, Laurent New insights on fish spawning aggregation dynamics from autonomous robotic platform
  • Donaldson, Terry Male territory swamping increases courtship success in a lek-like mating system of a fish spawning aggregation
  • Heyman, Will Restoring Big Fish: cooperative research, conservation, and management program for spawning aggregations in the wider Caribbean
  • Salceda, Ana Restoring Big Fish: Communication strategy for fish spawning aggregations conservation and management in the wider Caribbean
  • Semmens, Brice Migratory behavior and spawning site fidelity of male tiger grouper (Mycteroperca tigris) based on acoustic tagging at a spawning site on Little Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Sherman, Krista Genetic population dynamics and management of Nassau grouper within the Bahamas


  • Holden, Harris Efficacy of lionfish traps in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
  • Cambronero, Sergio Taxonomic positioning and isotopic niche characterization of lionfish species complex (Pterois volitans/miles) in the South Caribbean, Costa Rica
  • DeRoy, Emma Quantifying ecological impact of lionfish relative to co- occurring native predators: the influence of habitat heterogeneity on per capita impact
  • Ali, Fadilah A comparison of lionfish feeding ecology within the invaded region


  • Ashley, Altobelli Shark movements and residency near artificial habitats in the northern Gulf of Mexico
  • Abigail, Cannon The role of grazing by fish and sea urchins in structuring seagrass beds in Bocas del Toro, Panamá
  • Rodrigo Adrian, Rodriguez-Vazquez Spatial analysis of Red Grouper’s habitat affinity for decision support in fisheries management
  • Aurélien, Japaud Genetic diversity and connectivity of Acropora coral populations in the Lesser Antilles
  • Lapointe, Brian Nutrient enrichment as a factor driving macroalgal blooms on the Belize barrier reef complex
  • Wilson, JoEllen Characterizing sport fish nursery habitat with the help of citizen scientists
  • Valderrama, Diego Measuring environmental, economic and social sustainability of caribbean fisheries through the fishery performance indicators, an innovative rapid assessment tool


  • Aldana Aranda, Dalila Queen conch as indicator of pollution by microplastics in the Caribbean
  • *Cruz-Marrero, Wilmelie Comparing divers and camera sled surveys: an improvement for fisheries independent data for queen conch in Puerto Rico?
  • Bertelsen, Rodney Emigration patterns and den shifting for two life-stages of Panulirus argus (Latreille, 1804) in the Florida Keys, Florida, USA
  • Butler, Mark Directly Ageing the Caribbean Spiny Lobster, Panulirus argus
  • Ross, Erica Avoiding viruses: how does a Caribbean spiny lobster deal with PaV1 and WSSV infected conspecifics


  • Prato Valderrama, Julian Sargassum influx to the shores of San Andrés Island, Southwestern Caribbean Ody, Anouck Multi-scale analysis of Sargassum aggregations: from in-situ to satellite observations
  • Johnson, Donald Holopelagic Sargassum and the complexities of predicting influxes and impacts on pelagic fisheries of the Lesser Antilles
  • Sutton, Marion Early detection and drift forecast of floating sargassum algae in the Caribbean region
  • Weekes, Joseph Testing the application of drone technologies in quantifying stranded sargassum seaweed
  • Cox, Shelly-Ann Towards the development of a sub-regional sargassum outlook bulletin for the Caribbean
  • Speede, Richeda Best practices for Caribbean fishers coping with sargassum influx events
  • Charles, Charleen Investigating the costs of sargassum impacts on livelihoods in the hotel industry
  • Engel, Sabine Sargassum: impact on tourism and fisheries and its cascading effects on Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
  • Collado-Vides, Ligia A network to develop a taxonomic, monitoring & citizen’s participation program for Sargassum landings in Florida, Mexico, Barbados & Brazil


  • Wilson, Margaret Caribbean FAD fisheries: status, trends, and drivers
  • Duffing Romero Mareike Spatial-temporal movement patterns of juvenile Atlantic tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) in Brewers Bay, St. Thomas, USVI
  • Rubio-Rodríguez, Uriel Gregarious behavior of the small pelagic fish in the Gulf of California using acoustic methods
  • Lewis, Justin Science that informs conservation for an economically important sport fish: Bahamas Case Study
  • Altamar, Jairo Use of artificial neural networks as a tool to rebuild the landings records of beach seine artisanal fishery in Taganga, Colombia
  • Rehage, Jennifer Tarpon connectivity in Cuba and their relation with the Greater Caribbean
  • Santos, Rolando Disentangling the effects of freshwater inflows, management and restoration on coastal recreational fisheries: Common Snook in the Florida Everglades


  • Baldwin, Kimberly A Participatory GIS to support marine governance and an ecosystem approach for the management of Trinidad’s Gulf of Paria shrimp trawl fishery
  • Duarte, Luis Orlando Application of the ecosystem approach to bycatch management plans in the trawl fisheries of Colombia
  • Escobar Toledo, Fabian Reduction of shrimp bycatch of the shallow water trawling fleet on the Colombian Caribbean Sea
  • Lucky, Nerissa Testing of a Bycatch Reduction Device (BRD) on a double rigged industrial trawler off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Maira Alejandra, Torres Cabrera Analysis of the value chain of bycatch in the shallow water shrimp fishery in the Pacific of Colombia
  • Paramo, Jorge Spatial structure of dwarf dory Zenion hololepis (Goode & Bean, 1896) (Zeiformes: Zenionidae): A deep-sea fish in the Colombian Caribbean
  • Cuello, Félix De Jesús Temporal change in landings and fishing effort of the artisanal shrimp trawl fishery in Gulf of Salamanca, Colombian Caribbean
  • Willems, Tomas Improving tropical shrimp trawling through eco-labelling: impacts of MSC certification in the Suriname seabob fishery

AQUACULTURE (Sponsored by GCFI) 

  • Jonathan, Shenker Bonefish (Albula vulpes) Restoration Research Program: reproduction & early life stage studies of bonefish in wild & aquaculture systems
  • Ruben, Azcarate Large scale reef restoration in the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve - San Andres, Providence and Santa Catalina Archipelago, Colombian Caribbean
  • Rogers, Arlenie Holothuria floridana and Isostichopus badionotus sea cucumber culture in former shrimp ponds, a Belize case study
  • Thomas, Lennon R The ecological and economic potential for offshore mariculture in the Caribbean

Poster Session

1 Abril Howard, Omar The Lanch boat in the islands of Old Providence and Ketlina in the Colombian Caribbean, Colombian Caribbean: The persistence of memory and traditional knowledge
2 *Acevedo, Andrés Historical changes in the fishing effort of the parguera fleet that operates from Taganga, Colombian Caribbean
3 Acosta, Alejandro Spatial and temporal recruitment of three young-of-the-year commercial snappers to nearshore seagrass beds in the Middle Florida Keys
4 Alfonso Sanchez, Yusimí Preliminary results of distribution of order bryopsidales (chlorophyta) in the mesophotic coral reefs of Cuba
5 Altamar, Jairo Ranking of fishing gear according to the impact that they cause on marine ecosystems in the northern of the Caribbean Sea of Colombia
6 Andrews, Audwin Ashton Lagoon Restoration - Union's Future
7 Armstrong, Hyacinth BIOPAMA: From Knowledge to Action for a Protected Planet
8 Avila Cusba, Jose Spatio-temporal distribution of pelagic species in relation to temperature and salinity in Magdalena, Colombian Caribbean
9 Azcarate, Ruben Current status (2017) of the queen conch (Lobatus gigas) (Linnaeus, 1758) populations in the Seaflower biosphere reserve, Serranilla bank, Courtown and Southwest Cays
10 Azcarete, Ruben Payment for environmental services scheme BanCO2 in the reef restoration in the San Andres, Providence and Santa Catalina Archipelago, Colombian Caribbean
11 Baldeo, Roland Giving new life and restoring Grenada’s coral reefs through Biorock.
12 Baldwin, Carole Phylogenetic relationships of the deep-sea fish genus Polylepion (Teleostei: Labridae), with a new species description from the Western Atlantic
13 Becker, Nicholas Judging Size Limits on Blue Marlin in the Gulf Coast Triple Crown
14 Berline, Leo Hindcasting the 2017 dispersal of Sargassum in the Tropical North Atlantic
15 Bervoets, Tadzio The Impacts of Hurricanes Irma and Maria on the Natural Marine Resources on Sint Maarten: Lessons Learned and Updated Management Techniques in Response to Natural Disasters
16 Binder, Benjamin Depredation mortality associated with catch-and-release angling on offshore Permit (Trachinotus falcatus) spawning aggregations in the Lower Florida Keys, USA.
17 Böhm, Alissa An assessment of the efficacy of Grenada’s National Adaptation Plan: Implications for seagrass management in the Caribbean
18 Bone-Moron, Eduardo Capacity building, a pillar for marine conservation and sustainable fisheries in Cuba.
19 Bouchon, Claude The significance of the design of ecological moorings to enhance marine biodiversity.

20 Bustos Montes, Diana Parameters of invasive lionfish growth in the Caribbean coast of Colombia
21 Callahan, Emily Applications of Rigs-to-Reefs: An Ecotourism Case-Study in Southeast Asia
22 Campbell, Matthew Evaluation of two habitat complexity metrics and their relationship with fish abundance and diversity.
23 *Castillo, Monica The Effects of Coupled Stressors on Estuarine Fish Behavior
24 Cobián Rojas, Dorka Potential impact of lionfish on the fish community in two marine protected areas of the Caribbean (Cuba and Mexico)
25 Courrau, Jose The IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas
26 Cuello, Félix De Jesús Association between the sea surface temperature & the dynamics of an artisanal fishery in the Gulf of Salamanca, Colombian Caribbean Sea

27 Dalgleish, Fraser Fish Identification and abundance estimation using eye-safe non- invasive underwater LiDAR detection and classification

28 Daniel, Carla Sargassum management and responses of the fisheries sector in the Eastern Caribbean under the CC4FISH project
29 D'Cuire, Emilio Network of Caribbean Municipalities of Honduras for the Conservation of Marine Resources.
30 De León- Martínez, Gloria Cecilia Biological and population parameters of the crab blue (Callinectes sapidus) of the Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta, Colombian Caribbean
31 De Oliveira, Vanildo Use of BRDS as a sustainable solution in tourist air
32 De Turris, Karen Current characterization of the industrial fishing of the Gulf of
Morrosquillo, Colombian Caribbean
33 Delgado Gutiérrez, Augusto, Carlos Bathymetric characterization of the
continental shelf in the departments of La Guajira and Magdalena, Colombian
34 Doyle, Emma Best practices for responding to the sargassum influx

35 *Duarte Ribeiro, Emanuell Post-Cretaceous bursts of evolution along the benthic- pelagic axis in marine fishes

36 Duarte, Luis Orlando Experimental trial of technological improvements in the artisanal trawl nets for the reduction of shrimp by-catch in the Gulf of Salamanca, Caribbean Sea of Colombia
37 Elizondo, Ana Lucrecia Barra del Colorado: a community of artisan fishermen and shrimp peelers from the Costa Rican Caribbean
38 Escobar Toledo, Fabian Mitigation of the impact of deepwater shrimp trawling in the Pacific of Colombia
39 *Estrada Galindo, Ingrid Julieth State of population Sphyraena barracuda on San Andrés island, Bolívar and Albuquerque cays, Colombian Caribbean
40 *Figueroa Johnson, Gisell Precision and accuracy of growth parameters for Opisthonema oglinum generated from different models and statistical techniques
41 Fogg, Alexander Monthly growth rate and population structure changes of northern Gulf of Mexico Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans) using a length-based population model
42 Gaitan, Saeko Role of women in aquaculture in the Caribbean region of Colombia
43 Galvis, Nohora NEW HOPE SPOT was declared based on fishers statistics and community involvement

44 Garcia Monsalvo, Lian Surface Oceanographic Conditions in the Colombian Caribbean (2003-2017) using remote sensing
45 Garcia, Eduardo R Biometric relations and maturity of Xiphopenaeus kroyeri in the Gulf of Salamanca, Caribbean Sea off Colombia
46 Garcia-Escobar, Martha Ines Densities, abundance and population structure of Whelks Cittarium pica (Linnaeus, 1758) (Mollusca: Gastropoda Trochidae) on the island of San Andres, Seaflower Biosphere Reserve
47 Garcia-Valencia, Carolina Caribbean Marine Atlas: supporting for decision-making the Caribbean Region
48 Gerhartz-Muro, Jorge Luis Biological Corridor in the Caribbean: a multinational cooperation approach to conservation in the Caribbean islands
49 Giraldo, Javier Training project for handcrafted fishermen in the capture and utilization of the lionfish
50 González Máynez, Violeta In situ measurements of jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas target strength (TS) in the Gulf of California, Mexico
51 González Rojas, Santiago Feeding habits of large pelagic fish in waters of the Department of Magdalena, Colombia
52 Gonzalez-Bernat, Maria Jose The reef fish conservation project: recognizing the need for legal protections for the conservation of parrotfish and other herbivorous fish in Latin America
53 Goodbody-Gringley, Gretchen Molecular characterization of nearshore baitfish
populations in Bermuda
54 Goodbody-Gringley, Gretchen Assessment and Management of Invasive Lionfish Populations in Bermuda
55 Granderson, Ainka Assessing vulnerability to climate change and disasters in Montserrat’s fisheries: Using participatory three-dimensional modelling
56 Griffin, Lucas Keeping Up with the Silver King: Connecting the Spatial Ecology of Atlantic Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) To Conservation Strategies
57 *Guyah, Nasheika Larval fish diversity distribution within a coastal marine reserve: what light traps and plankton nets reveal
58 Hernandez Pineres, Sebastian Implementation of the colombian fishery observers program - POPC in the Colombian North Caribbean: successful case of the articulation of the public alliances - predicted with the artisan fishermen
59 James, Johannie Assessment of water use in the island of San Andrés: tourists, hotels and guesthouses
60 Kalicharan, Leanna Finfish bycatch discards in the artisanal shrimp fishery of Guyana
61 Kingon, Kelly The effects of MPAs on the abundances of top predators, important herbivorous fishes and their health
62 Knowles, Lindy Findings of the Rapid Ecological Assessment of the Savannah Sound mangrove ecosystem in The Bahamas
63 León-Pérez Mariana C. Analysis of Historical Aerial Photographs and Satellite Data Reveal an Increase in Seagrass Cover in Caja de Muertos Island Nature Reserve, Puerto Rico: 1950 – 2014
64 Lichtenegger, Juerg New approach to integrated space-based surveillance of Sargassum

65 Lizcano, Ruby Evaluation of the jaiba resource fishery (Callinectes sapidus and Callinectes bocourti) in the Colombian Caribbean
66 Llanos-Ruiz, Claritza Dynamics of artisanal fishing and composition of fish catches from artisanal fishing landings in the Island Of San Andrés, Biosphere Reserve Seaflower, Colombia
67 Lozano- Beltrán, Germán Enrique Population and biometrics aspects of the blunttooth swimcrab (Callinectes bocourti) of la Ciénaga Grande De Santa Marta, Colombian Caribbean
68 Lucky, Nerissa A Comparison of the Catch Composition in Artisanal Trawlers Fishing Within and Outside the One Nautical Mile Exclusion Zone in the Gulf of Paria,Trinidad
70 Marquez, Cecil A Fishers-led Community Awareness Campaign for the Establishment of a Marine Protected Area: A Case study for from Gouyave, Grenada
71 Martinez, Jonathan Seaflower Biosphere reserve NIMD-PMA and regional parks financial sustainability
72 Marval Rodriguez, Angel Inter and intraspecific differences of Lutjanus campechanus and Lutjanus purpureus in otolith shape
73 Matos Caraballo, Daniel Description of Hurricane María Impacts on the Puerto Rico’s Commercial Fisheries
74 Matos Caraballo, Daniel Overview of Puerto Rico’s Small Scale Commercial Fisheries During 2012-17.
75 Matos Caraballo, Daniel My First 30 years Studying the Puerto Rico’s Commercial Fishery, 1988 – 2018; Achievements and Challenges.
76 Mattos, Jesus The potential of sport fishing as an alternative to artisanal fishing activities in Taganga, Colombian Caribbean.
77 Maurer, Andrew Impacts of the Caribbean Sargassum seaweed influx on sea turtle nesting ecology
78 *McBride, Mariah Sargassum Landing and Movement as a function of North Atlantic Oscillation Variation and pH Differentials
79 McConney, Patrick Putting the Small-scale Fisheries Guidelines protocol into practice
80 Moreno Munar, Andrés Alvaro Control and management of the lionfish (Pterois volitans) through the use of nasas as a tool for its capture in the department of Bolívar, Colombian Caribbean
81 Morrall, Clare Sargassum Update from Grenada, Eastern Caribbean
82 Muñoz-Salas, Karen Histological development and morfo-cromatic scale of gonadic maturity for Lutjanus synagris (Perciformes: Lutjanidae) in the colombian Caribbean
83 Myers, Alyson Sargassum Aquaculture: Turning a Problem into a Solution
84 Noyes, Timothy J Biodiversity Responses to Targeted in situ Culling of Invasive Lionfish in Bermuda
85 Olmeda, Manuel Diadema antillarum grazing effects on algal/benthic cover and diversity in La Parguera Natural Reserve
86 Olson, Jack Recovery When You Are on Your Own: Case Study of the Isolated Mona Island Marine Reserve

87 Perez Ferro, Daniel State of the depth sea megainvertebrate communities in the Caribbean of Colombia
88 Perez, Cristhian E Integral management of yellowtail in Honduras ́s protected areas
89 Perry, Harriet Dispersal of red snapper larvae in the southern Gulf of Mexico
90 Puritz, Alexandra Sustainable Tourism as a Path to Preserve Cuba’s Coastal and Marine Resources
91 Ram, Mark Impacts of mangrove habitat degradation on fish community structure along Guyana’s coastal regions
92 Robinson, Gianluc Analysing the Mean Length of Sexual Maturity for the Lane Snapper (Lutjanus synagris) in Trinidad for Proper Catch Size Limits
93 Rodriguez De Hoyos, Jorge Luis Historical changes in the catch rates of the different types of Guajira coast gill net fisheries (colombian Caribbean)
94 Rodriguez Redondo, Manuel Alejandro Participative restoration of coastal habitats in Sosúa Submarine Park, Dominican Republic
95 Rubio-Rodríguez, Uriel A Practical Approach to Monitoring Marine Protected Areas
96 Rueda, Mario From research to political incidence: Fishing agreement between industrial and artisanal fishermen in a protected marine area of the Colombian Pacific
97 Sanchez Pimienta, Mirla Discards of the artisanal shrimp trawl fishery in the Gulf of Salamanca, Colombian Caribbean Sea
98 Sandré, Fidji Contamination of marine sediments by microplastics and adsorbed organochlorine pollution (chlordecone) in coral reefs of Guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles)
99 Santaquiteria, Aintzane Ultraconserved elements reveal an Indo-Pacific origin of Syngnatharia
100 Schärer-Umpierre, Michelle Deeper water fauna revealed incidentally by the Puerto Rico fishery
101 Scott, Serena Swordfish Mangement: How one exemption could impact a decade long management techniques' success.
102 *Sierra Condarcuri, Luis Enrique Identification of marine emblematic and charismatic species, A sociocultural and ancestral approach for the indigenous community of Taganga-Colombian Caribbean.
103 Sierra Escrigas, Silvia Lorena Characterization of Isla Arena’s Reef Community Through the use of Aerial Images and Actualization of its Ecological Units
104 Sierra-Correa, Paula Cristina Mangroves, Sea-grasses and Local Communities: Governance and experiences exchange of the integral management of biodiversity and its services at the Caribbean (MAPCO)
105 Sintura Arango, Juliana The Seaflower Scientific Expeditions as a strategy for the monitoring and appropriate management of fishing resources
106 Thigpen, Robert The Nexus of Marine Conservation Science Education and Fishing Communities of the Greater Caribbean Basin
107 Torres Cabrera, Mayra Alejandra Changes in fishing technology to improve the economic profitability indexes with environmental responsibility of the trawl fishery in Colombia
108 Vallès, Henri A quantitative description of marine fisheries in the southeast of Haiti

109 Van Lavieren, Hanneke More than a Decade of Protection of Marine Turtles of the Guianas
110 Vasquez-Carrillo, Catalina Eastern Guajira’s Artisanal Fishery and Marine Turtle’s Aggregations: Characteristics, Challenges and Opportunities for Conservation
111 Viaggi, Castiglioni Jemilli A portrait of the reef fish community from an important touristic destination in Southeastern Brazil
112 Villamizar, Natalia Traceability of common snook (Centropomus undecimalis) in Santa Marta markets.
113 Walcott, Julian Advancing an Ecosystem-Based Management Decision Support System (EBM/DSS) in the Caribbean
114 Walcott, Julian Increasing the visibility and influence of data in decisions for Biodiversity and Protected Area Management
115 Whittaker, Kerry Molecular divergence of holopelagic Sargassum species using extensive field samples from the tropical and subtropical Atlantic
116 Willems, Tomas Evaluating Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs) with reduced bar spacing for bycatch reduction in the Suriname seabob shrimp trawl fishery
117 Willems, Tomas Testing flexible Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs) in the demersal trawl fishery off Suriname
118 *Wilson Aguirre, Hugo Alejandro Analysis of the artisanal capture of ThunnusSpp and its relation with parameters Oceano-Atmoferico "Sea surface temperature, waves, winds and currents" on the island of San Andrés insular Caribbean
119 Zamora Bornachera, Anny Paola Impacts of climate change on tourism in Colombian Caribbean coastal zone
120 Zuñiga Clavijo, Harley Technological changes in encircling gillnets operating in the Colombian Caribbean and its effect on landings and fishing sites

121 Enriquez Diaz, Martha Gourmet Plate of Yucatan Fishing in the hands of women
122 Joseph, Debra Story-telling with photo-voice: Women fisherfolk Barbados-a gendered lens
123 McConney, Patrick Caribbean Fisheries: Perspectives On Gender Too
124 Simmons, Bertha Women at work in the Barbados fishing industry: fortunes of a female forklift driver

E- Posters
Peña, Maria How has organization benefited women in the Barbados flyingfish fishery A look from within
Simmons, Bertha Caribbean Small-Scale Fisherwoman Learning Exchange in Costa
Rica: Women’s Voices
Perch, Lisa Gender-transformative approaches to development in coastal and fishing communities in the English-speaking Caribbean

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