Scholten, Y.

Coral inventory Bonaire, 2014 and 2017


  • zone    DO = DROP-OFF at ~10m depth, LT= Lower Terrace at ~5m depth
  • length transect in cm
  • rugosity    measure for 3-dimensional complexity reef:  length transect following substrate (cm) / plain length transect (cm)
  • Average heigh in cm of coral colonies along transect
  • date
  • Depth in meters
  • start.time   
  • end.time  
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • Crustose coralline algal cover (proportion)
  • Coral cover (proportion)
  • cayno bacterial cover (proportion)
  • macroalgal cover (proportion)
  • other cover (proportion)
  • rubble cover (proportion)
  • sand cover (proportion)
  • soft coral cover (proportion)
  • sponge cover (proportion)
  • bare substrate cover (proportion)
  • turf cover (proportion)
  • Transect to left (L) from starting point and to right (R) from starting point
  • MPA=Marine Protected Area, ND=No Diving, NF=No Fishing
  • Entry into water, either from boat or from shore

Data type
Raw data
Research and monitoring
Geographic location