Pim M. Post

Inventory and characterization of food systems on Bonaire


Increased production of fruits and vegetables may contribute to a better availability of healthy food and employment opportunities on Bonaire. Therefore, possibilities of plant production in the area of Rincon, Bonaire were mapped in this study. The study was based on literature research and online key-informant interviews, complemented with additional analyses. The literature review and the interviews were used to describe Bonaire’s food system and to do an analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) of several production systems. In addition, biophysical conditions were analyzed, and calculations were performed on the land and water requirements for several levels of agricultural production. Findings show that increasing year-round fruit and vegetable production in Rincon, and Bonaire in general, is challenging, and may not be possible without support. The main challenges include limited and irregular water availability, an unsupportive business environment, and harsh production circumstances characterized by pests, diseases and challenging weather conditions. Without sufficient support to increase water availability and local agricultural knowledge and to create a suitable business environment, both capital- intensive and small-scale crop production are unlikely to lead to better availability of healthy food and employment opportunities in Rincon. Support may take the form of increasing the availability and affordability of water, which would be beneficial for several target groups. Additional support that would be required, may differ for entrepreneurs, community gardens and individual home-gardens.

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