Nisbeth, B.N.

St Maarten Proposed Land Parks Management Plan 2009

NAFSXM would like to secure a long term management agreement to protect the environment of
the entire Dutch side of the island. The proposed St. Maarten Land Parks will offer protection to
the island’s indigenous terrestrial flora and fauna while allowing sustainable recreation. There is
currently no management of the catchments on St. Maarten that drain into the marine
environment. Integrated catchment and coastal management is essential for the future well-being
of St. Maarten’s natural resources since activities on land directly affect the water around St.
This document clearly defines the Vision, Mission and Goals of the St. Maarten Land Parks,
identifies the main values and issues and states the key management strategies required to
manage the proposed areas. This provides a framework to develop clear objectives for the
manager and staff, which will aid the evaluation of management successes. For this management
plan to serve the needs of St. Maarten Land Parks, it is vital that it is periodically reviewed and
updated. The plan provides detailed background information about the status of the human and
physical landscapes of St Maarten. This acts as a contextual reference for any users, a tool for
lobbying stakeholders and as a resource for education.
As the St. Maarten Land Parks become realised this plan should form the basis of detailed action
plans for each of the proposed Land Parks
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