Kristensen, I.

Papers Ecology Conference on Flamingos, Oil Pollution and Reefs, Bonaire, 1975


Introduction - by the Editors.
Address - by M. A. POURIER, Minister of Economic Development.
Address- by Mr. A. R. W. SINT JAGO, Lieutenant Governor of Bonaire.
Illuminated Address to Mr. L. D. GERHARTS- by Mr. J. A. CONNELL, President Caribbean Conservation Association.

I.            FLAMINGOES

J. Rooth: Ecological aspects of the flamingos on Bonaire. Resumen: Aspectos ecológicos de los flamencos en Bonaire.
A. Sprunt: A new Colombian site for the American flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber).
B. de Boer & J. Rooth: Notes on a visit to Chichiriviche (Venezuela).
I. Kristensen: Discussion on flamingo problems.

II.           0IL POLLUTION

J. H. B. W. Elgershuizen & H. A. M. de Kruijf: abstract: Toxic effects of crude oils and dispersant to the stony coral Madracis mirabilis,
J. H. B. W. Elgershuizen, R. P. M. Bak & I. Kristensen: abstract: Oil sediment removal in corals.
H. S. George: Position-determination of oil pollution by aerial photographs and its interpretation.
L. T. Giulini: La contaminación del ambiente marino por los hidrocarburos. Abstract: Marine pollution by oil.
G. P. Canevari: Some remarks regarding the utility and mechanisms of chemical dispersants.

III.          REEFS

J. L. Hunt & J. Araud: Coral distribution in the Bahia de Patanemo, Venezuela.
H. G. Gamiochipi: Parques submarinos en el Caribe Mexicano.
C. Noome & I. Kristensen: abstract: Necessity of conservation of slow growing organisms like Black Coral. Resumen: Necesidad de medidas conservacionistas con respecto a organismos de lento crecimiento tales como el Coral Negro.
A. Corsten, I. Corsten-Hulsmans & H. A. M. de Kruijf: abstract: Recolonization experiments of the coral reef fish Gramma Ioreto, the Royal Gramma.
C. den Hartog: The role of seagrasses in shallow waters in the Caribbean.
E. Towle: abstract: Reef communities and human interference: a positive view.
D. Stewart: abstract: Human participation in reef communities.

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Antillean Fish Guide

This booklet is meant as a guide to identify the fishes and turtles of the reefs of the Netherlands Antilles (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Maarten,).

Those in need of detailed information on fishes may use "Caribbean Reef Fishes", written by John E. RANDALL who visited our islands several times. This guide provides a brief description of the fishes, the  vernacular names in English as well as Papiamento, and the scientific names as presented in Randall's book.

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St. Eustatius
St. Maarten