Report of the Scientific Committee (Annual meeting 2011, 30 May-11 June 2011, Trømso, Norway)

...National Progress Reports presented at the 2002-10 meetings are accessible on the IWC website. Reports from previous years will also become available in this format in the future. The Committee reaffirms its view of the importance of national Progress Reports to its work in a number of sub-committee’s and recommends that the Commission continues to urge member nations to submit them following the approved guidelines (IWC, 1993b). Non-member nations wishing to submit Progress Reports are welcome to do so. It also draws attention to the need for those countries that do provide them to ensure that they are completed fully (e.g. see Items 7.3, 7.7, 14.5). Donovan reported that a prototype online submission system and database has been developed (IWC, 2011e, p.1) that will be trialled by a number of participants during and immediately after the meeting. It is expected that the online system can be used for next year’s national Progress Reports. The Committee welcomes this development. A summary of the information included in the Progress Reports presented this year is given as Annex O....

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