Henderson, R.W.

Boas of the World (Superfamily Booidae): A Checklist With Systematic, Taxonomic, and Conservation Assessments

The booid snakes (superfamily Booidae) are a near–circumglobally distributed group of macrostoman alethinophidian squamates, and several lineages are of significant conservation concern. A number of taxonomic changes have occurred among the superfamily Booidae over the last decade, including the resurrection and description of new families, elevation of a genus, elevation of 13 species, and the discovery of a new species. Here, we aim to synthesize existing knowledge of booid diversity, systematics, and conservation status. We provide a comprehensive checklist of all 66 species and 33 subspecies of booid snakes recognized herein, distributed among 14 genera and six families. For each species and subspecies, we evaluate taxonomy, distribution, type specimens, and conservation status.

Keywords: BoidaeConservation StatusDistributionPhylogenyNomenclatureType Specimen

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