Freeman, C.E.

Nectar Production of Two Sympatric Species of Columnar Cacti

We examined the potential for exploitation competition by differential attractiveness in two sympatric species of columnar cacti on Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles. Stenocereus griseus and Subpiloccreus repandus have temporally overlapping flowering phenologies and share pollinators. We examined nectar volume, energy contents, and sugar ratios for the entire night and at two-hour intervals in both cactus species. Except for a burst in nectar volume and sugar concentration by Subpilocereus repandus during the first two hours of anthesis, nectar secretion patterns, energy contents, and sugar ratios (70% hexose) were similar for the two species. The standing crops of nectar in both species were kept very low by bat pollinators. We suggest that the potential for exploitation competition between Stenocereus griscus and Subpilocereus repandus is currently very low on Curapo.

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