The BGBAA is the Breeders’ Association in Australia governing the Australian industry. 

The Boer goat originated in South Africa in the early 1900s when some farmers began selecting their goats for meat qualities. It has been specifically bred for meat and is recognised as the premiere meat goat. 

Boer goat genetics were imported into Australia in the late 1980s and were released from quarantine in the mid 90s. Since this time the popularity of the Boer goat has gone from strength to strength with numbers increasing rapidly. 

Boer goat bucks are being used to cross with other goat breeds producing a much faster growing animal that reaches slaughter weight in significantly shorter time and has a higher dressing out percentage than other goat breeds. The Boer goat has also performed extremely well in trials and carcase competitions making it the superior meat goat breed. Boer bucks are the ideal choice for commercial farmers wanting to improve the economic viability of their farming and value add their product through superior genetics.

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