Ballantyne, J.

UAUCU Student Research Exchange Collected Papers 2019

This volume presents academic papers and personal reflections written by the participants of the UAUCU student research exchange project 2019. These texts reflect the diversity of academic disciplines and approaches, as well as the diversity in cultural background, of this year’s participants. The program, which offers students from the University of Aruba (UA) and University College Utrecht (UCU) the opportunity to conduct research in a multidisciplinary international student team, has already proven a successful formula: work presented in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 volumes led to international publications, and thesis awards for several program alumni. We anticipate similar achievements for contributors to the 2019 edition.

The academic works included here treat topics like identity, culture, social and mental wellbeing, the social crisis plan, economics, and environmental conservation. The nature of the research is equally far-ranging, including pilot projects, theoretical explorations verified with respondent data, in-depth environmental studies, and sociocultural studies that explore fundamental issues confronting society. The diverse papers are linked by a common interest in sustainable societies, reflecting a strong sense of community awareness, and providing research findings that have meaning for Aruban society. The papers further demonstrate how the student researchers’ collaboration in a multidisciplinary team has influenced their approach to their work. The papers here are products of peer-to-peer learning: the student authors provided each other with feedback on content, method, style, language, and structure. In general, the papers appear as submitted by the authors -- including perhaps the odd raw opinion or hasty generalization. Some of the student-researchers are still working on the interpretation and presentation of their findings, and will later finalize project papers, or bachelor or master theses, based on the results of fieldwork presented.

The contents of this volume:

  • Of People and Mangroves: illustrations of a social-ecological system.
  • Off-road driving and the ecosystem: An analysis of the impacts on landscape functionality.
  • Is it for me or the money? Local Inclusion in Tourism Development in Aruba.
  • Mapping the Health Services Responses to Child Maltreatment: The Aruban Case.
  • Social Crisis Plan Aruba 2018-2020: Stimulating and Hindering Factors.
  • Once a Thief, Always a Thief? Factors Helping or Hindering the Reintegration of Ex-Prisoners on Aruba.
  • Early detection of visual disorders in children in Aruba and assurance of timely care and services: The approach of the MDT-VOV.
  • From dependent student to independent pupil: the developmental impact of the Academic Foundation Year on Aruban students.
  • Sharing stories bou palo: the making of heritage in a Caribbean oil town.
  • The import costs of fruits and vegetables on Aruba: mitigating the volatility of prices to ensure sustainable supply.
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Research report
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5th Edition of the UAUCU Student Research Exchange
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