Alting van Geusau, E.

Papers Ecology Conference on Flamingos, Oil Pollution and Reefs, Bonaire, 1975


Introduction - by the Editors.
Address - by M. A. POURIER, Minister of Economic Development.
Address- by Mr. A. R. W. SINT JAGO, Lieutenant Governor of Bonaire.
Illuminated Address to Mr. L. D. GERHARTS- by Mr. J. A. CONNELL, President Caribbean Conservation Association.

I.            FLAMINGOES

J. Rooth: Ecological aspects of the flamingos on Bonaire. Resumen: Aspectos ecológicos de los flamencos en Bonaire.
A. Sprunt: A new Colombian site for the American flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber).
B. de Boer & J. Rooth: Notes on a visit to Chichiriviche (Venezuela).
I. Kristensen: Discussion on flamingo problems.

II.           0IL POLLUTION

J. H. B. W. Elgershuizen & H. A. M. de Kruijf: abstract: Toxic effects of crude oils and dispersant to the stony coral Madracis mirabilis,
J. H. B. W. Elgershuizen, R. P. M. Bak & I. Kristensen: abstract: Oil sediment removal in corals.
H. S. George: Position-determination of oil pollution by aerial photographs and its interpretation.
L. T. Giulini: La contaminación del ambiente marino por los hidrocarburos. Abstract: Marine pollution by oil.
G. P. Canevari: Some remarks regarding the utility and mechanisms of chemical dispersants.

III.          REEFS

J. L. Hunt & J. Araud: Coral distribution in the Bahia de Patanemo, Venezuela.
H. G. Gamiochipi: Parques submarinos en el Caribe Mexicano.
C. Noome & I. Kristensen: abstract: Necessity of conservation of slow growing organisms like Black Coral. Resumen: Necesidad de medidas conservacionistas con respecto a organismos de lento crecimiento tales como el Coral Negro.
A. Corsten, I. Corsten-Hulsmans & H. A. M. de Kruijf: abstract: Recolonization experiments of the coral reef fish Gramma Ioreto, the Royal Gramma.
C. den Hartog: The role of seagrasses in shallow waters in the Caribbean.
E. Towle: abstract: Reef communities and human interference: a positive view.
D. Stewart: abstract: Human participation in reef communities.

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